How Bail Works

Are you looking for an experienced St Lucie County bail bondsman? As a St Lucie County Bail Bonds agency, Above All Bail Bonds operates with an entirely unique process - WE ARE FAST and MOBILE! We will meet you where you are most comfortable so the process of bonding your loved one or family member out is as painless as possible. Because of our extensive statewide network of bail bonds agents, we are able to provide you with immediate service.

Locate an Inmate

The live agents at Above All Bail Bonds are standing by to help you with Immediate Bail Assistance. Not sure where your loved one is being held? With just a little information up front, our Fort Pierce bail bondsmen(agents) can locate your friend or family member and research the situation before they call you to discuss next steps. We take the confusion out of the inmate search process to help make a difficult process bearable.

(Select the Prison or Jail)

Do I Have a Warrant?

If you believe you have an outstanding Misdemeanor or Felony Warrant or warrants, we will help you navigate through the court system to help smooth out the process and reduce or eliminate the time you spend in jail by assisting you with the process of rescheduling your court date and/or promptly posting bail to reduce the time for your release. As the number one bail bonds agency in Fort Pierce, Florida, we are here to help you when you need it most!

Immediate Bail Bonds Assistance

With a little information, our live agents can do some research and call you directly to discuss next steps.